Fair enough

I spent most of the day working on the syllabus proposal. With a few more revisions, I think it’d put me in an even better place to land the gig. 

“What do you do when you don’t know anybody?” I asked my mentor during our call today. 

“Work twice as hard, at least.” 

“Fair enough.” I nodded. 

Yesterday at the jury panel, we read some dozen scripts that got to the final round.  Three were “linked” back to some of the jurors as we were notified via texts… Unsurprisingly, those ended up as two second places and one third place. The one that won the first place was better than the rest, considering theme plays a big role here in China. The first-place script seems to have no guanxi (aka. connections). It stood firm on its own. When the other jurors were too polite to say a word, I probed, “How about this one” in order to move things forward. 

The experience reminded me of my own competition participation when I grew up. I’ve never won the first place, ever. Or second for that matter. I almost always got the third place in all those English competitions I entered. Sometimes I did wonder why that girl got ahead even though her English sounded lame. Yesterday I came out on the other side of the game, I saw how the sausage was made. It violated some of the “hygienic process,” so to speak. But if you are simply so much better than the rest, you can’t be ignored

It is twice as hard to get ahead for those with no connections. So they’d better work twice as hard to make it up. 

When things get hard, work even harder.

Yours truly,